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Vendor Terms & Conditions

Vendor Application

Please fill out the vendor registration form and mail it in.

Vendor Terms and Conditions

Because we are in a park setting, we cannot guarantee exact sizes. All attempts will be made to make the craft booths 12′x12′, farm and flea market will have 15′ frontages, and food booths will have 20′ frontages. Please indicate how many of each booth type you would like (final placement is up to the Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Fest organizers).


Limited sites for overnight campers. Electricity is not available or provided. All booths will be located in Riverside Park unless the event cannot be hosted at the location and an alternate site will be used.


Food samples cannot be handed out during the event.

Late registrations are subject to space availability. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation letter with additional instructions.


There are no provisions for inclement weather and no refunds will be given. Vendors are responsible for loss, theft, or damage to items of personal property and for personal injury during the show.


Vendors receive full proceeds from sales and must remain set up until the end of the event.

No sale of firearms or weapons will be permitted.


No sale or consumption of alcohol is allowed on site.


Nekoosa GIANT Pumpkin Fest reserves the right to reject or accept any application. Proof of insurance may be required in particular cases.


If a vendor is using their personal or business credit card to pay for any event fees, they understand that no refund will be given once approval from the bank has verified payment into the NGPF account.


The vendor understands that they will be responsible for any fees that would be incurred to NGPF in the event of nonpayment. Vendor further understands that they are financially responsible for any balance left unpaid.